Facebook ads are tricky to get right, there are so many factors that can affect them. And that’s even before we throw the algorithm into the equation!

But when you get it right, Facebook ads can be the most laser targeted and effective way of reaching (and converting) your ideal customer.


Here are 6 tips to get you started with Facebook & Instagram advertising.



1. Know who you are talking to

In order to run effective ads, on any platform, you need to know exactly who you are taking to. When you talk to everyone, you end up speaking to no-one.

Spend some time considering exactly who your ad will talk to. What language they will connect with, what imagery they’d like. And most importantly take the time to really get into who they are so you can get your targeting spot on.

2. Step away from the boost button!

There are 2 ways to advertise on Facebook & Instagram. You can either boost an existing post, or create an advert. And it is really important to know which option to use for your business.

9/10 times the boost option won’t be the way to go. Boosting a post can be highly effective IF you are boosting the right posts.

If no one cares about your post before you spend money on it, the likelihood is that no matter how much money you spend to boost it, they still wont care!

Click here to discover when you should use the boost button, and more importantly, when you should not!

3. Add the Facebook Pixel

If your website doesn’t yet have a Facebook pixel installed then you are missing out on one of the best re-marketing tools in the digital world.

The pixel is a unique piece of code which sits on your website to collect information from your website visitors.  Anytime someone lands on your site while logged into Facebook they are giving your pixel valuable data to use in your ad campaigns.

This post will help you to understand how the pixel works and how to install it.

4. Use the right campaign objective

Facebook has done all the hard work for you by providing 11 campaign objectives to choose from. Pick the right one and Facebook will go out to your audience and show your ads to the people who are most likely to take the action you want.

But, with so many options, it can be tricky to know which campaign to choose.

Click here to learn about each campaign objective. Find out exactly how they work and pick the right one for your next advertising campaign.

5. Consider Story ads

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Story ads (on both Instagram & Facebook) are pretty new. Which means people may be more receptive to ads in this format that they are to ads in the newsfeed.

If your audience is on Instagram then you should be considering stories as a major part of your advertising strategy.

But it’s important that your creative is designed specifically for stories. Otherwise it will stand out for all the wrong reasons, and your chances of success will diminish.

Click here to learn more about creating successful Instagram story ads.

6. Work with an expert

Once you decide that Facebook ads are a good investment for your business, and have allocated an advertising budget. You need to put a plan in place to ensure that money is well spent.

Do you really want to gambling with your budget and risk getting no return?

One of my clients recently said that without expert advice you are “coasting down the road on your bike, with no hands, a flat tyre, and no trousers on… in a hailstorm!

You don’t need to outsource your ads to an expert to benefit from their knowledge (although you can of course do that!). There are other ways you can work with an experienced ads strategist if you aren’t yet able to invest in full ads management.

Learning how to give your ads budget the best chances of success is vital so consider investing in a Power Hour to increase your understanding

I can help with your Facebook Ads! Get in touch to find out how 😊

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by Laura Moore

Laura is a Facebook marketing consultant specialising in Facebook and Instagram ads.  She works with businesses to help generate leads and increase sales.  To find out more about how Laura can help you click here

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