6 Facebook Ad Tips for Ecomm Businesses

Are you using Facebook ads in your ecomm business?  As the largest social media network, Facebook is where it's at when it comes to advertising.  A whopping 40 million people, or 71% of UK adults, can be reached with adverts on the platform. When you combine that with...

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Why We Created The Social Media Managers Toolkit

Working in social media is great, you can work from anywhere, at any time and with anyone.  Its the perfect job because you can fit in in around your family, your commitments and responsibilities. Right? Erm... yes... in theory. But let's be real here. Social media...

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5 Secrets To Non-Sucky Copy [Guest Post]

Written by Laura Belgray, Talking Shrimp, Inc. Ever write something and for some reason you can’t pinpoint, it just doesn’t seem to pop? You know you wrote it “right,” with perfect sentence structure and everything.  And you’re sure you picked a...

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