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“Laura was introduced to our company, Hi Form Equine Ltd by a mutual acquaintance. Our company is young, working in a crowded market where there is much conflicting information for the average horse owner. Laura quickly understood the market, our USP’s, what makes us stand out from the crowd and is fundamentally allowed us to be heard above the noise.

Social media is a critical component of our business. Understanding the algorithms of FB and Instagram, correct targeting and the underpinning strategy requires knowledge and understanding – gone are the days that you can play at this – you need someone who truly understands.

Laura works to our budgets, provides excellent advise, uses her knowledge to make sure that be get as much bang for the buck as possible ensuring ROI and proactively providing input and advise for making changes.

I cannot recommend Laura enough, not only does she “get it” but she is always there when we need her or have a question – a rare and highly prized quality in this day and age.”

Claire Buchanan – Hi Form Equine & Someh UK

“Before working with Laura I knew a bit about facebook ads and had been running them for a good few months. I understood a bit about creating the text and images for ads but pretty much nothing about creating audiences and it was this I asked Laura for help with.

I had only been using interest audiences which had been getting a good click through rate but I was missing a big opportunity with creating lookalike audiences using the data in the facebook pixel. Laura talked me through how to set this up and also how to use different audiences within the same adset to test which one worked the best.

As a result I am now confident that the right people are seeing our ads and am excited about developing my understanding of this more through putting it all into practice.

Facebook ads are not a 5 minute job and getting it right is key for us. We are a relatively new business and most of our paid digital marketing activity has been dedicated to facebook ads so it is crucial that we do this properly and don’t waste our budget. Having a small budget it’s even more important to spend it wisely and Laura is really helpful with that!

We covered so much in the power hour and Laura allowed me to ask anything I wanted and explained and demonstrated everything really clearly. She also gave some really useful tips about our facebook page. It was very reassuring to know that she thought we were doing well and also that she could see the potential of what we could achieve with the right targeting through our ads.

A really motivating hour and I would recommend any small business owner to get Laura onboard.”

Laura Riley – Little Clogs Holidays

Highly recommend Laura’s social media services. We have learnt lots from her workshops and they have really helped us grow our business social platforms.

Not only does she know what she is talking and teaching about but she is also a lovely lady to work with! I will not look anywhere else now. She’s my first point of call when I need help with social media!

Zayne Kalbouneh

Owner, Tubie Kids

Laura was amazing with the information and advice she gave us and already our ads are performing so much better! Can’t wait to implement all the advice as if it’s made this much difference already then we are sure to see masses more engagement and sales!!
Helen Nurse

Owner, Wonder Adventures

I’m so impressed. She explains things so well and so logically. If you are looking for a bit of direction, strategy and clarity for your business from a social media or ads point of view I recommend her 100%.

Thanks so much Laura! Feel so much more positive and knowledgable now

Sally Bunkham

Owner, Mum's Back

You’ve done such a great job. I have had lots of interest from events companies and excited people, this has been our best December to date.  I think the Facebook ads are the best marketing we have done

Owner, Wonderland Breaks

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