3 Ways To Work With Me in 2019

3 Ways To Work With Me in 2019

Are you interested in working with me in 2019 but unsure which is the best service for you?

Here is a run down of the three main ways you can work with me in 2019.


This is for you if you want to power up your marketing in 2019.  You may want to delve into Facebook or Instagram ads but aren’t sure where to start.  Which campaign objectives to choose, or which audience options are best for you.

You might already be publishing ads and want to make sure you are getting it right.  We can look at your ad account and see what is (or isn’t) working and come up with a plan to improve or optimise your ads.

You might be sick of wasting money on ads and want to reduce that risk by understanding how they work.

Power hour’s are also a great opportunity to talk about your organic social media marketing and get advice on how to get more engagement on your channels.

A Power Hour is 60 minutes of support on a Zoom call you can read more about it here.

If you are looking for a ongoing support then my Nurture Package may be more suitable, this is 3 hours of support and you can read about that here.

Group Workshops

This is for small business owners who want expert advice but don’t have the budget to work with me on a 1:1 basis (yet).

Join an in person workshop to learn how to use Facebook ads for your business.

Workshops are held in small groups and are also a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other business owners.

Our next workshop is in Brighton on March 7th. Full details are here

Managed Service

This is for you if you want a ‘done for you’ service where you can relax knowing an expert is managing your advertising while you focus on the rest of your business.

You can read more about how this service works here  

For Free

I don’t actually work for free anymore but I do have offer free tips and advice on my facebook page and in my group where you will also find my FREE 10 day challenge (in the units tab)


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