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Advertising is now an essential part of your social media marketing. Particularly on Facebook as algorithm changes over the past couple of years have made it harder and harder to connect with your customers organically.

And while Facebook advertising can be a great way to target your ideal audience, if you don’t know what you’re doing it can lead to costly mistakes.

If you would rather concentrate on the other aspects of your business and outsource your ads to an expert, I offer a full management service.

I have invested a lot of time and money in advanced training to give me Facebook advertising knowledge that would challenge any agency in this country.  In fact, most agencies probably outsource their work to  untrained freelancers ?.

I offer a ‘done for you’ service which will see me getting to know your business, your target customer and your goals before coming up with an advertising plan.

I can implement and run one off short term campaigns, work with you on on-going projects or build ever-green funnels depending on your industry or niche.  

How Much Ads Budget Do I Need?

If you are hoping to spend £50-100 on your Facebook ads I am not the right person for you.  

To work on a managed basis you will need to be investing a minimum of £600 pcm on your ads budget but this could be more like £2000  depending on your business. I will guide you on the monthly budget you are likely to need after an initial discovery call.

What results can you guarantee?

If you are expecting results over night then I’m not the right person for you. Social media marketing, including Facebook ads, is all about testing and learning so my clients need to come on board with that mindset.  

I can’t make any guarantees as we never know what Facebook is going to do, however promise that I will do the best job I can with the tools you give me and I will be entirely transparent on the results, including advising if we should stop the ads.  I will treat your ads budget as if it was my own money.

If you are ready to invest in your marketing and work with a UK based Facebook ads expert then lets chat.

What does this service involve?

  • First we’ll arrange a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.   Then you’ll complete my on-boarding questionnaire so I can understand more about your business and what you need from me.
  • I’ll work out the best way to get the results you need and plan a strategy.  We’ll talk through funnels, to ensure we have the measures in place to nurture leads and turn them into paying customers.

  • I use Lead Pages to build a landing page if required & can integrate this with your email list service. 
  • I will carry out checks and if the Facebook pixel is not already on your website, I’ll set this up and walk you through the installation.
  • I will research and create the right audiences to show your ads to.
  • I will carry out initial testing of all elements of the ad campaign so we know what works for your audience / business.
  • After initial testing, I will run your campaigns for you and optimise and scale accordingly.
  • I will monitor your ads daily, tweaking where necessary to ensure success and avoid audience fatigue.  I will also advise when to increase your ad spend to maximise on results.
  • Your ads will be monitored on a daily basis and I will provide monthly reports.  You will be kept updated throughout out time working together.

Fees start at £650/pcm + set up fee

  • Fees are dependent on scale, budget and the number of campaigns you wish to run throughout the month.  
  • I recommend a minimum ads budget of £600pcm for effective testing and optimal results.  However your ad spend will be based on many variables, minimum ad spend for an effective funnel is £1200pcm.  I will guide you on suggested ad spend after an initial discovery call.

Contact me and let’s get started.

Not ready for a fully managed service? Here are some other ways you can work with me.