Join TRIBE with us and you’ll get some extra, exclusive, bonuses
(plus you’ll also get Stu’ McLaren’s bonuses too!)

This is what happened for us during tribe 2020…


so, What exactly is TRIBE? and can it help you? 


Tribe is an online experience (it’s way more than a course or programme) that will give you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow and scale your membership site.

Stu McLaren has worked with TENS OF THOUSANDS of membership and subscription site owners around the world and truly knows what it takes to create a successful membership business.

Creating a membership with recurring revenue has been one of the BEST decisions we made for our business (and our lives in general).

This programme gave us the confidence and support to launch with 380 founding members and grow our membership to over 500 members in under 6 months.

In fact, we’ll let stu tell you himself…

TRIBE is for you if… 

You want to launch a membership within the next 12 months…

But you’re not sure where to start and want to learn the exact steps you should take to plan, launch and grow your membership or subscription site.

You’re excited about adding recurring revenue to your business…

But you want to get it right first time and learn from the best so that you aren’t scrapping around trying to put the pieces together yourself.

You love what you do and want to help more people…

And you know that a membership is the perfect way to do that. Now you want the support to grow your confidence and a clear plan to grow a thriving membership.

JOIN TRIBE WITH US TO GET THESE exclusive FREE bonuses worth over £1895!!

bonus ONE

bonus ONE

membership planning & management system

We love to keep things simple – and all in one place – so we created this system to plan, promote and run our thriving membership.

We are giving you access to our system so you can map out your launch, manage your promotions and keep track of your progress.


bonus TWO

bonus two

Our launch debrief

We’ve never shared this information with anyone (not even our coach!) But we’ll be sending you the full debrief document from our latest launch.

So you can see exactly what we did (and when) and you’ll be able to replicate what worked, and learn from what didn’t.


bonus three

bonus three

Our Launch Email Sequence

We’ll also give you access to the actual emails we used to enrol 380 founding members, and the emails we’ve used to quietly grow to over 550 members.

Read them, learn from them, copy them if you want to! We know these emails work so we want you to get the benefit from them too!

bonus four

bonus four

private telegram channel

You’ll be invited to our private TRIBE Telegram channel where you can get support throughout the course. This is a private place to discuss ideas, sense check plans and brainstorm with other us and other Tribers.

bonus five

bonus five


When you join Tribe, Stu will give you 3 months of Searchie Pro – and throughout the course, you’ll be able to pick Laura’s brains on all things Searchie. This is the platform we host all our digital products on, including our membership and we LOVE it!

And you could also get these extra bonuses if you act quickly…

Private Support From Us

We’re here to help you to hit the ground running and get your TRIBE journey off to a flying start.

So if you’re one of the first 5 people to join TRIBE using our links – you’ll get a private video call with us to chat through your biggest questions as it relates to memberships.

But be quick to enrol, there are only 5 places for this bonus!


Our Tech Vault

When we first thought about a membership it was the tech that held us back, what do we need? What can we do without?

We tried so many different systems and tools, some were great, others terrible. Some helped the business, others were just shiny toys.

To save you precious time (and money) we’re giving you access to a vault of inside information about the tools and tech we’ve tried and tested so you can make informed decisions.

How to get these FREE bonuses


Once you sign up, forward your confirmation email to


Once we have confirmation of your enrolment we will send you details of all your bonuses & how to access them.

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This is what you get when you join Tribe…

6 Core TRIBE Modules 

One Introduction Module PLUS 6 Core TRIBE Modules showing students everything they need to know and do to turn what they know, love and do into a highly successful membership business.

Module 1 – Foundation: This is all about how to identify who you will serve, what they REALLY want, and how to best serve them with the right type of membership site.

Module 2 – Content: This is about you crafting content that is easy to deliver and compels people to buy. You’ll learn exactly how to structure your content so that your members rave about the progress they’re making with the things that they’re learning from you.

Module 3 – Marketing Strategy: This is your strategy for attracting and converting new paying members. When it comes to marketing, there are a million things you can do. We’re going to cut through the clutter and share with you the few things that we do over and over again to add thousands of new members with every promotion. And in this module, you’ll zoom out and look at higher-level marketing strategy first.

Module 4 – Marketing Tactics: In this module, you get into the “how-to” specifics of executing HIGHLY effective marketing campaigns for your membership.

Module 5 – Retention Strategy: This is your plan for keeping people happy and paying month after month.

Module 6 – Growth Strategy: This module is about how to scale and grow with ease and minimal stress.

Daily 10 in 10s

The TRIBE Experience includes daily 10 in 10s with Stu. That’s 10 of your questions in (not really) 10 minutes or less. It’s been proven to help you make more progress, faster than you ever could on your own!

And these incredible bonuses (total value $3,982)

Early Bird Bonus: Simple Profits ($497)

This LIMITED TIME BONUS shows the exact step-by-step processes behind highly successful launches… with almost no planning… and very little prep. You’ll see how to launch your membership the fast AND easy way. So you can get your membership off the ground and earn money in less time than it takes to get your Amazon Prime order!

Bonus 1: Instant Audience ($497)

In this bonus, Stu shows you exactly how to build massive momentum from a standing start and grow your audience fast. And if you have an existing audience, you’re going to be able to leverage these strategies to biggie size your audience in record time.

Bonus 2:  Plan It Build It Workshop + 3 Months of Searchie Pro ($997)

This is the ultimate get-it-done package to save you an enormous amount of time.  Say bye-bye to the tech headaches and “HELLO” to you having your site set up and ready to go!  Not only will you know what to do (thanks to TRIBE) but you’re getting the tools to make it happen and the click by click walkthrough to support you in creating an experience that gets your member’s results. (This is the membership software we use for our digital products)

Bonus 3: 7-Figure Fill in the Blank Launch Script Templates ($997)

When you join TRIBE, you’ll get access to these tremendously valuable scripts that Stu has used over and over to craft winning, 7-figure launches.  With these templates, it is ultra-easy for you to answer a few questions and fill in a few blanks, and when you’re finished, you have proven scripts.  No more guessing what to say.  These scripts just set you up for success.

Bonus 4: Founding Member Launch Bonus ($497)

The Founding Member Launch is one of the fastest and easiest ways to launch your membership site. During this bonus, Stu walks you through this proven strategy and provide you with his exact word-for-word email and social media scripts. In fact, many TRIBErs have paid for TRIBE using just this one strategy!

Bonus 5: Ticket to TRIBE Live Virtual ($497)

When you enroll, you’ll also get a ticket to TRIBE Live Virtual. This is the membership event of the year where you’ll hear from other innovative membership site owners who are implementing the TRIBE materials in unique and creative ways.  Just one marketing, retention or content idea from this event can have a compounding impact on the results from your membership… and it’s included when you enroll in TRIBE!

PLUS… all our bonuses to help you make progress faster!
That’s over $5k of bonuses in total!

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Hello! We are the two Lauras…

We are the co-hosts of The Inner Hub, a membership for freelance social media pros.

We launched our membership in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and while going the the Tribe programme.

Thanks to this programme, our founding member launch closed with 380 founding members!

Fast forward to today and our membership is now thriving with well over 500 members and a community of the very best people you could ever imagine supporting.

We love it. Our members inspire us every day and we feel incredibly lucky to be sharing their journeys.

Not only do we get to support these incredible people but we have grown a business that works around our other work (we are both freelance social media marketers) and around our families.

Could we have done this without Stu McLaren and Tribe? Maybe.

But would we be where we are now? Probably not.

And one thing we know to be true is that…


We loved this programme so much that we are helping Stu to promote it this year. And to help you make the most of the Tribe experience, we’ve put together an awesome bonus package exclusively for anyone who joins with us (yes we are doing Tribe again too!))


Your questions answered…

I really want the Tribe bonuses, can I have both?

Yep! Our bonuses are in addition to everything Stu McLaren is giving you! So you’ll get all that plus everything we’ve already talked about above.

How do I get these bonuses?

Ensure you use the buttons on this page when you enrol. We will then be notified that you have joined under our bonus programme. Once the Tribe cart has closed we will send you an email with all the information you need to access your bonuses.

Do I have to pay more to get these bonuses?

Nope! We loved Tribe so much that we are helping Stu to promote it this year. The commission we receive allows us to provide these bonuses to you for free.

It seems expensive.. is it worth it?

We are true believers in investing in our business and we know that no matter what course, programme or membership you invest in it’s down to YOU to do the work. Is Tribe worth the money ABSOLUTELY, if you follow the process and do the work you’ll reap the benefits many times over.

Is there a payment plan for Tribe?

There sure is! But if you pay in full then you can get additional bonuses.

If it’s so good, why are you going through Tribe again?

We were at a totally different point in our membership journey when we went through Tribe the first time so we were focused on the foundations and launch processes, this time we’ll be focused on other parts of Tribe to so we can make our membership even better.

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