Promoting your business in a Facebook group is hard to do without being spammy, but there are some simple ways you can grow your business without annoying other members.  In fact, by following these rules, you’ll become their go to person when they need your product or service!

#1 Join the right Facebook groups

This is one of the biggest mistakes small businesses are making when using Facebook groups to market their business.  By joining the wrong kind of groups, you are going to waste valuable time broadcasting about your business to people who are disengaged and unlikely to buy from you.

You’ve probably joined a selling group at some stage, maybe to get rid of an old sofa or something.  It’s likely you didn’t spend any time looking at other posts in that group.  So other members are unlikely to either.

Research the groups you join and be strategic.  If you offer marketing services then join business groups, if you sell Childrens clothes then groups with mums seem like the obvious choice but be picky and don’t waste too much time in selling groups.

#2 Don’t be spammy

There’s nothing more off putting about a business than seeing their sales pitch constantly in a Facebook group.  There’s only one thing worse than a sales pitch and that’s seeing a link to the same page or a website being shared regularly in a group, without any value added information being shared to let us know why we should click on the link!

No one likes being sold to and Facebook is the place people like it least. So stop link dropping or giving us sales pitches about your business! No one cares!

#3 Add value

Instead of being spammy, add value.  Consider the groups you are in and what the members are there for.  Provide them with useful, value added content instead of sales pitches and you’ll soon build useful and lasting connections.

Check the rules before you post and add value by sharing useful blogs that might help other members, telling them about events you’ve seen or asking about other peoples businesses.

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#4 Ask for opinions and seek advice

There are many ways you can tell people about your products or services without selling to them.  I’m sure most people would be far more likely to respond to a question asking for opinions on a product than they would to a post selling the same product.

Ruth Oldfield, founder of Coffee + Kin, recently posted this in a Facebook group I belong to.  This is a perfect example of how to get people to buy into your business without being spammy.  Ruth had so many responses, gaining valuable feedback for her business, whilst also letting people know about her brand.

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#5 Add value on other people’s posts.

You can also add value when other members ask for advice, feedback or opinions.  By sharing your knowledge and expertise you will become known as an expert in your field and people will remember you when they need your product or service.

Getting involved in conversations within groups is a sure fire way to get people to notice you and you can start building relationships.

#6 Don’t hijack other people’s posts.

When adding value on your competitors posts don’t be tempted to sell your own products or services.  I recently saw this happen in a group and it was ugly.  The business owner was responding to every comment on the thread suggesting her business instead!  That’s not just rude, it’s bad business sense.

By hijacking someone else’s post you may get a few quick sales but you will end up losing respect from others.  This method is likely to lose you more potential customers than you gain.  Remember that people read comments even when they aren’t replying.

If I can’t post as my business page in a Facebook group, what’s the point?


You can edit your personal Facebook profile for each group you are a member of to make it easy for people to find out more about you.

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Just as I have shown above in the screenshot from my own Facebook profile.

If your profile has all the right information, people can immediately understand what you do and where they can find out more about your business.





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by Laura Moore

Laura is a Facebook marketing consultant specialising in Facebook and Instagram ads.  She works with businesses to help generate leads and increase sales.  To find out more about how Laura can help you click here

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