Do you wish you could get better results with your Facebook Ads?

photo of Laura Moore sitting at a desk.

Facebook advertising can be a great way to connect with your ideal customer.  But if you don’t know what you’re doing it can lead to costly mistakes and without expert help you might be throwing your money away.

I know because I’ve been there!  18 months ago I was working in a very different industry and using Facebook ads to try and connect with my customers.  In reality I was spending money on something I knew nothing about and in return all I was getting was a hefty invoice to rub salt in the wounds… we’ve all been there right?

Since then I have I have completed advanced training in Facebook Advertising and have worked with a variety of clients to help them utilise their advertising budgets to get real results.

Having learned the intricacies of Facebook ads required to see results and understand the data, it makes me cringe to think what I was doing.  I should never have attempted to run any of my own ads – it’s just too easy to spend all your money and get nothing back.

I now understand that, just like all social media marketing, Facebook ads require testing and learning.  There is no ‘secret sauce’ or ‘magic formula’ for success, despite what anyone might say.  If there was, I’d be lying on a beach in the Bahama’s (and so would they).