Using Facebook Ads To Promote Your Cake Business

Learn how to set up a Facebook ad from scratch in this live masterclass so you can go ahead and start using ads straight away to get more orders for your baking business.

Presented by: 

Laura Moore – Facebook Ads Strategist Laura previously owner of Enchanted Cupcakes, a successful cake decorating school in West Sussex

Do you want more orders for your cake decorating business?
Do you feel like you are always competing for orders in local Facebook groups rather than having people come directly to you?
Do you want to be THE go to cake maker in your local area?

Maybe you’ve tried boosting Facebook posts or creating ads but had no luck and feel like you’ve wasted your money.  I’ve been there! I wasted a lot of money on ads for my cake decorating school and got nothing in return.  But then I learnt how to use them more effectively.  I have invested a lot of time (and money!) into intensive training so that I can use this amazing advertising tool for my business, and my clients. And now I want to help you to do the same.

During this 1 hour masterclass you will learn:


Which campaign objectives you should use and why


How to create and use a lookalike audiences


How to advertise on different platforms & display multiple ads without spending any additional money


Exactly how to set up an advert from scratch & which settings you should be changing to get the best results


How to write great copy and use different visuals to test your ad campaigns


How to understand the data so you know if your ads are working

Any Questions? Chat with me below!

This is a 1 hour masterclass with a live Q&A so you can get the answers you need. Can’t join live? No problemo!  The masterclass will be recorded so sign up and you’ll be sent the recording following the event to watch at your leisure or refer back to when you need a refresher on how to set up your Facebook ads.

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Early bird price £37

“Laura’s knowledge was limitless, the training was specific to my business and I genuinely believe she has saved me hundreds of pounds in wasted adverts!”Steph S

“Laura was amazing with the information and advice she gave us and already our ads are performing so much better! Can’t wait to implement all the advice as if it’s made this much difference already, we are sure to see masses more engagement and sales.”

Helen N

Laura works incredibly hard to produce a brilliant class and is full of advice and information. I would certainly recommend signing up for a course.

Lou R

“Laura is a brilliant teacher and so skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone”

Carrie M

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

The masterclass is a one off cost of £47 with no hidden costs.  Book early to take advantage of the early bird discount.

Where is the masterclass held?

This is an online masterclass & you will be sent a link to join once you sign up.  So you can join from anywhere in the world.

I already boost Facebook posts, will this be any use to me?

Boosted posts don’t work as well as Facebook posts so yes this will be great for you.  And you’ll also learn how to create an ad from your existing posts so you get better results than you would by hitting the boost button.

I only use Instagram, will this be of use to me?

Facebook ads also display on Instagram, in the messenger app and in other locations.  So, yes this will be great for you.

I only sell cakes locally, why do I need to learn this?

Do you have a lot of competition locally? Do you want more orders? Are you serious about building your cake business and becoming THE go to cake decorator locally?  If you answered yes then you should be investing in Facebook ads!

I already use Facebook ads, will this masterclass help me?

Yes, even if you are already using Facebook ads you will learn something on this masterclass.  And you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about your specific ads too.

I’m not available to join live, is there another date?

Right now, no.  But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out. The masterclass will be recorded and everyone will receive a copy of the recording after the event.  It’s important to mention that any future masterclasses are not guaranteed to be at the same price.

Don’t miss this live masterclass!

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Meet your trainer:

Laura Moore

Hi!  Lovely to see you here.  I can’t wait to teach you all about using Facebook ads to get more orders for your business.

Until a few years ago I owned and ran a cake decorating school in West Sussex, UK.  I filled all my classes, and got all my orders from Facebook and Instagram marketing.

During that time I saw, and adapted to, a lot of changes on these platforms. Sadly some great cake makers didn’t adapt with those changes and I saw them close their business’s down rather than learn the skills needed to promote their business online.  There is enough work out there for all of you, you just need to know how to get it!

When paid ads were introduced to Facebook and Instagram I did what you are probably doing… boosted posts and dabbled in ads without really knowing what I was doing, or how much I was spending.  I got very few results from those ads and it was depressing when the invoice turned up in my email!

I don’t want any other small business owners to waste money on ads that don’t work.

Over the last couple of years I have had intensive training in Facebook and Instagram marketing, and specifically using paid ads on both platforms.  I know now exactly why my ads didn’t work, they were set up to fail from the start!  I look back now and see how much I spent on those ads and I want to be sick! (*don’t tell my husband)

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