How To Grant Access To Your Ad Account

In order for me to work on your Facebook & Instagram ads I will need to access your ad account. Here are some simple steps to grant that access:

If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager account

1. You will need to friend request me temporarily – this is me:
Once we have completed the following steps I will remove the friend connection.

2. Go to your Ad Account Settings in Ads Manager. You may be asked to re-enter your password.
To get to your ad manager see the image below – this should show on your home page.

3. Under Ad Account Roles, click Add People.

4. Enter my name or my email address if my name doesn’t appear (
If you can’t find me here then let me know as I will need to go back to FB chat.

5. Click the dropdown menu to choose my role and then click Confirm / Assign

Once you add me, I will have immediate access to your ad account. You can always change my permissions or remove me from your ad account by clicking the X that’s next to my name. However, doing this will mean I can’t access your ads so it’s advisable not to do this while we are working together.

If you do have a Facebook Business Manager Account

You can follow the above instructions OR give me your ad account number and I can request access from my Business Manager, in which case you should receive a notification within your Business Manager which you just have to accept.


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