As a Facebook marketer I have tried out numerous online products to help with various aspects of my business. But I know it is a minefield out there and there are only so many apps and websites you can keep on top of.

So here are 6 resources I love and think you should be using in your business this year.


If you have a website then you need hosting & I have tried out several website hosts (most of whom were beyond useless when I needed some advice or support).

Siteground are the best I’ve found. They are inexpensive (their hosting starts from £2.95 a month (+VAT) and their live chat is incredibly helpful if, like me, you are not a savvy website developer.

Check them out here


If you want to create great looking graphics, collages or presentations but lack the skills (or budget) to use things like Illustrator then Canva is a great tool.

It’s free to use, although there is a premium version which allows you to upload your own fonts and access a couple of other benefits (which I think is worth every penny).

I use Canva for all my blog graphics and most of my social media posts. It’s simple to use and offers templates for most social media channels so you no longer have to hunt for the current sizing on Google.

Check it out here


If you need to generate leads or grow your email list in 2019, you need a landing page. Simple as that. Without one you risk your website visitors being distracted by other (great) content and not taking the action you need them to, like downloading a free guide or signing up for a webinar.

There are lots of options when it comes to creating landing pages but LeadPages is simple to use, has great templates and allows you to add the Facebook pixel for tracking.

LeadPages starts at £25 a month but they offer a 14 day free trial so you can check it out for yourself.

They also host a great blog, check it out here


Trello calls itself a collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project.

This handy tool can be used for so many things.

I use it to collaborate with clients so we both know what’s happening and can share information, images, video etc without having to rely on finding emails weeks after they’ve been sent.

But even if you aren’t collaborating it is great for project planning and I even use it for online filing so I always know where my most used files or blank contracts are.

Best thing about Trello… it is FREE! Check it out here


I use the Pocket app and Chrome extension almost daily. It’s a nifty little tool for bookmarking anything you come across but don’t have time to read or want to save for later.

It’s fantastic for saving content to share on your social channels so you always have something useful to give your followers even when you haven’t got the time (or brain power) to create unique content.

Download the Chrome extension here or find the app in your app store.


The most savvy business owners will know that scheduling social media posts is the best way to ensure you are showing up regularly on your social channels. But there are so many different scheduling tools to choose from, all with different features, price tags and what not.

I particularly like SmarterQueue because it allows you to recycle your content, which for fast moving platforms like Twitter is vital.

SmarterQueue offer a free 14 day trial, but if you sign up with this link you’ll get your first 30 days free so you can really test it out.

*This blog contains affiliate links which will not affect your purchase but could earn me a small commission.

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